The first reason why small businesses need a website, even if your business has five employees or less, is because you might not be using internet for your business but your customer surely are and they are not able to find you because you don’t exist on the web. If you are operating one of those small businesses that doesn’t have a website and still you dont feel the urgency of having a website for your business then read the below article which you help you think in that direction.

1- People use net like earlier they used phone books.

Earlier it never mattered for a small business owner to have a website if their business was local in nature. But now everybody uses google to search a companies information even basic information like name, address, phone numbers. No body uses phone directories now, your potential customer is person who has a smart phone in his hand and who googles to search any information like where to go and what to buy ? So now it has become mandatory for any local business to rank in google local search or your potential customers might go to your competitors.

2- Your Website makes your business look legitimate.

Now a days people expect any business to have their own website on the internet, just like they expect any business should have physical address in real world. Your website is your first impression online, and if you don’t have it then it might cost you potential customers.

If you don’t have a website it raises several questions in customers mind like is your company technologically sound, is your business legitimate ? are you some kind of startup who has just started their business ? basically all thing you don’t want your customer to think about your business.

3- A business website is your most important marketing channel

If you have a website, this means you automatically have an online presence. It is like a billboard online which is like your sales man 24 x 7, 365 days a year. Your website gives you a chance to provide in depth information about your products and services to your customer who are not yet coming to your store front.

(Of course, how many people will see your billboard will totally depend on your marketing efforts you do to get people’s attention, such as Search Engine Optimization, blogging, using social media, and pay per click advertising.)

4- A Business website is a data collection tool of prospecting customers

Like you have a customer information form in your store and you ask all your walking customers to fill in the forms, similarly your website acts like a data collecting tool for prospective customers who are looking for your product or services. You can give away a free ebook or product brochure for download on your website, when a online visitors will try to download the brochure a enquiry form with 3 fields like name, email, mobile number can be popped up and visitor has to fill this information before downloading the brochure. This way a new enquiry or prospective customer is generated and send to your email id. Once you get the email id, you can reach your customer via email marketing.

5- Ecommerce spending is increasing every year.

More and more people are getting net savy and flipkart and amazon making online shopping a craze, it is right time for any business to get listed with them and also have their own ecommece website where people can come and order products online at their comfort. Now ecommerce in India is becoming more mature and people have started using credit and debit cards to make payments.

If you have a ecommerce website then you can reach people in small towns and other metro cities where your physical stores wont reach. Also maintaining a ecommerce website is far more cheaper then maintaining a physical store.

What’s Your Reason for Not Being Online?

Once a businessman told me he is not looking to expand his business so he doesn’t want a website, he is happy with the business he gets through his hard work whole day. If you are this kind of a person who doesn’t want to more business then you can certainly skip the idea of having a website or internet presence.

But if you actually want more business, then a business website is mandatory for you , now a days a website acts like the business card which is a must have for any business small or big. A website not only works like your business card but it is far more better than your physical brochures which take a lot of money to print, store and courier to prospective customers, where a website is far cheaper and most easiest way to inform your product and service to your customer, as simple as saying visit our website www.yourbrand.com for more details on our products.

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